Pawn Loan Process

Pawn Loan ProcessPawnshops and pawn broking have been around for thousands of years. The basic idea behind any pawnshop is to loan people money.

EZ Cash Pawn Shops” loan process is simple and fast and gives more value to your articles with a competitive rate of interest.

There are three things that happen on a daily basis in any pawnshop, hundreds of times every day:

* People borrow money by putting up something they own as collateral.

* People sell used merchandise.

* People buy new and used merchandise.

Our process starts with:

1) You bring in something you own and give it to the pawnbroker as collateral for a loan.

2) The pawnbroker loans you money against that collateral.

3) When you repay the loan plus the interest, you get your collateral back.

4) If you don’t repay the loan, the pawnbroker keeps the collateral.

After we examine your item, we will determine a value and price that we are authorized to pay you for your item as a buy, or lend to you using the item for collateral. You can generally get a little more cash for your item if you sell it.

If you decide to sell, we will pay you cash and you are happily on your way. If you decide to use the item as collateral for a loan, we will lend you the money and you will have a certain amount of time to come back into the store and pay the loan back plus interest.

Our appraiser takes into account the condition of the item, and sometimes even the circumstances of the seller. Although in-house and third-party experts are frequently consulted, typically depend upon online resources and “blue book” databases for a general idea of current market value for most items.

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